Mr. Shaban Abdul Mumin

General Manager +233 244 444 444


Shaban Abdul Mumin is the General Manager for Strongarm Security Services Limited. He is well versed with the issues of Management. He was a pupils’ teacher from 2009 to 2011 and then left to work at DBS Industries as a slitting machine operator.


He was awarded as most hardworking in 2013 and then left to the Paradigm Security services where he was recruited as a guard. Through hardworking and good conduct he was rose to the position of Ashanti Regional Assistant Supervisor after which he was attached to the credit department where he was in charge of collection of the company’s cheque from clients. Through dedication he was promoted again to be the main/senior Supervisor for the Northern Sector. However, he had an opportunity to join Micky Films as the General Manager in 2015.